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Vehicle collection

Using our fleet of specially equipped vehicles, we collect about 1,500 damaged vehicles per year in the provinces of Québec and Ontario.

When the insurance company authorizes us to dispose of a vehicle, the vehicle is sent to our disassembly workshop where we have equipment specifically adapted to the auto recycling industry. This vehicle collection allows us to refurbish certain auto parts.

Reconditioned parts

We have the largest reconditioned parts department in Abitibi-Témiscamingue. Our inventory contains more than 1,600 transmissions, 2,200 engines, 1,100 differential gears, 800 transfer cases and several alternators, starters, brake calipers, catalytic converters and more.

Refurbishment process
All parts are identified in our computer system. Thus, we can instantly respond to a request concerning a part’s availability. Our inventory is also available online.
About 95% of vehicles are disassembled, according to the demand for parts determined supply and demand.
All disassembled parts are sent to the cleaning and quality control department. This way, we ensure that you receive quality parts that are free of dirt and grease.
Reconditioning is an important step in the company’s operations. Transmissions, differential gears, transfer cases, starters, alternators and more, make up only a small percentage of the parts we recondition.
After a final check of the part’s condition, it is stored in our 25,000 ft2 indoor or outdoor storage facility, equivalent to 15 football fields.
Val-d’Or Branch
1880, 3e Avenue Val-d'Or (QC) J9P 4P4
Sudbury Branch
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