Our warranties

Universal Recycling Center offers several warranties

At Universal Recycling Center, several warranties are available to you. Learn about the various options and our general policy.


Warranty for power train parts according to the quality standards: engine, transmission, transfer case and differential gears.

Quality code Available warranty
Code A 1 year/20,000 km, parts and labour
Code B 3 months/5,000 km, parts and labour
Code C Warranty on installation
Code R 3 months/5,000 km–1 year/20,000 km

The Quality Standard complies with the North American standards established by the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) for mechanical parts

Quality code Description
Code A 1 – 100 000 km
Code B 100 000 - 300 000 km
Code C 300 000 km and over
Code R Repaired, rebuilt, new parts
Code P For parts only

No labour warranties will be offered for installations performed by an individual. We recommend that power train components be installed by a recognized mechanical workshop that has the equipment necessary to reprogram electronic modules.

All accessories are provided as a courtesy; therefore, they are not under warranty.

The warranty is void in the event of overheating, improper installation, improper use of the part, off-road driving or overloading the vehicle.

The oils and coolants used must comply with the manufacturer’s specifications.

Important documents are enclosed with the part. These will give you more information about what precautions must be taken before, during and after installation before starting your test drive. This will help you avoid damaging the provided part, which was tested before delivery.

The following outlines how to obtain authorization for a repair with labour:

  • 1. The schedule for replacing power train parts is determined by Mitchell;
  • 2. The hourly rate for labour is also fixed. For the purposes of the labour warranty, the hourly rate will be specified at the repair facility;
  • 3. To obtain a refund under the labour warranty:
    • A. Provide an original copy of the invoice
    • B. Based on the information provided on the original invoice, verify that the time elapsed and the number of kilometres driven since the original repair complies with the warranty criteria. If either of these parameters has expired, the warranty is no longer valid

Before performing a repair, the repairer must be authorized by the recycler. Any repairs conducted without the recycler’s authorization will not be covered under the warranty. Towing and car rental fees are considered incidental expenses and are not covered by the written warranty.

The Quality Standard complies with the North American standards established by the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) for body parts

Body part:
Quality code Description
Code A Up to one (1) damage unit
Code B Up to two (2) damage units
Code C Up to three (3) damage units
Front and rear assemblies:
Quality code Description
Code A Up to three (3) damage units
Code B Up to six (6) damage units
Code C Up to six (6) damage units

Note: A damage unit refers to the amount of damage that can be covered by a credit card-sized object.

code dommage

Universal Recycling Center’s Basic Warranty

Parts Warranty
Used mechanical parts 3 months/unlimited km, parts only, non-refundable except in the case of defect
Used electronic parts 3 months/unlimited km, parts only, non-refundable except in case of defect
Body parts Warranty on installation

Universal Recycling Center’s Extended Warranty

Power train Engine, transmission, transfer case, differential gears
$150 on Code A only 1 extra year for parts only
For all other parts
excluding the power train
Warranty cost
Amount between $0 - $100 $10
Amount between $101 - $200 $20
Amount between $201 - $300 $30
Amount between: $301 - $400 $40
Amount between: $401 - $500 $50

For all other parts, excluding the power train, the available extended warranty covers nine additional months for the part only. The premium is determined according to the part’s value.

Universal Recycling Center’s General Policy

  • • All goods sold remain the seller’s property until full payment is received;
  • • Upon the purchase of an engine or transmission, you must read the document enclosed with the part which contains important details;
  • • All returned items must be in the original packaging;
  • • All claims must be made within 10 working days of the invoice date;
  • • No credit will be issued without the invoice;
  • • A minimum handling fee of 20% will be charged on any returned merchandise;
  • • In the event of a defective electronic control unit, the seller will exchange the part.
    Programming costs are not under warranty. Electronic control units are non-returnable except in case of a defect.

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